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> On 04/12 10:54, Dale wrote:
>> Alexey Eschenko wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> I've just read regular @world build log and found this:
>>>>  * Messages for package x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-396.18-r1:
>>>>  * ***** WARNING *****
>>>>  *
>>>>  * You are currently installing a version of nvidia-drivers that is
>>>>  * known not to work with a video card you have installed on your
>>>>  * system. If this is intentional, please ignore this. If it is not
>>>>  * please perform the following steps:
>>>>  *
>>>>  * Add the following mask entry to /etc/portage/package.mask by
>>>>  * echo ">=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-391.0.0" >
>>>> /etc/portage/package.mask/nvidia-drivers
>>>>  *
>>>>  * Failure to perform the steps above could result in a non-working
>>>>  * X setup.
>>>>  *
>>>>  * For more information please read:
>>>>  * http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html
>>> I'm very surprised because I have GTX 1080 GPU:
>>>> # lspci | fgrep VGA
>>>> 42:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP104 [GeForce
>>>> GTX 1080] (rev a1)
>>> Is this some kind of maintainer's mistake or does NVIDIA really messed
>>> up with drivers again?
>> It looks to me like the 396 versions of nvidia-drivers is not compatible
>> with your card.  Most likely, you have to stick with the 391 series.  I
>> for example have a older card that requires the 340 series.  I have to
>> mask anything above that.  You for example may need to mask anything 396
>> or above. 
>> You should be able to go to the nvidia website and find out exactly what
>> series of drivers you need and then mask anything above that.  Once that
>> is done, you shouldn't have this problem again.
>> Hope that helps.
>> Dale
>> :-)  :-) 
> Hi Dale,
> I was also hit by this message...
> For me it looks like that sticking to a certain version of the
> nvidia-drivers will also bind me to an - then older - kernel version.
> In my case I would be bound to the 390.* versions of that drivers.
> This drivers compile fine with the linux-kernel 4.16.2 ... but the
> boot throws me back to the console.
> dmesg shows this then:
> [   32.227140] nvidia: Unknown symbol swiotlb_map_sg_attrs (err 0)
> [   32.281875] nvidia: Unknown symbol swiotlb_map_sg_attrs (err 0)
> Do I really need to buy a new nvidia card (I am using Blender a lot)
> just to be able to update the kernel??
> Slightly alarmed
> Meino

I'm not sure on having to buy a new card.  Mine is older, GT220 BUT I'm
still using kernel version 4.5.2.  I've got a newer kernel available, I
just haven't rebooted in many months.  I just tried, the version I'm
using won't build with newer kernels, 4.9.34.  So, you have a
interesting question. 

I seem to recall having to set up a overlay for a slightly older version
because the newer version for my series would build with current 4.5
kernel but my screen was all messed up.  I had trouble getting logged in
so that I could kill X to even get the console to work.  So I'm using a
version of nvidia that isn't even in the tree any longer as it is. 

I may have to check into this more later.  Funny thing is, I was looking
at newer video cards just the other day.  I was just wanting a spare, in
case the current one burnt out.  I wasn't thinking about the software
not working. 


:-)  :-) 

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