On 12/04/18 16:31, Alexey Eschenko wrote:
Is this some kind of maintainer's mistake or does NVIDIA really messed up with drivers again?

Before updating the nvidia driver, you should always check here:


and see if the version you're updating to is a beta driver or not.

As a long time nvidia-drivers user, I really recommend to:

  1. Use an LTS kernel series (latest LTS series is 4.14.x.)
  2. Do not install nvidia beta drivers.
  3. Do not use X.Org pre-releases.

Currently, that means these in package.mask:


Unless you're using Chrome, where 390 has a bug that makes it unusable slow, so you need:


You need to check on the available versions these packages manually from time to time to see if it's safe to update them.

Also, nvidia driver version can be confusing. 390 is the latest stable series, while 384 is the "LTS-like" stable series. To be frank, I find it impossible to tell what's happening with driver releases from nvidia if I don't read phoronix.com news.

In any event, the TL;DR is that sticking to non-beta drivers and non-beta xorg and the latest LTS kernel will result in avoiding the majority of breakages.

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