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Ian Zimmerman <i...@very.loosely.org> wrote:
On 2018-04-15 00:10, Floyd Anderson wrote:

> https://very.loosely.org/paste/symlinks-pl

Because argument ROOTDIR is mandatory, the script should do something
when ROOTDIR is not given, e.g. print usage. Maybe ‘-r’ should be also
mandatory or the script should define some useful defaults. Consider
following invocations:

   $ ./symlinks-pl
   $ ./symlinks-pl /path/to/broken-symlink
   $ ./symlinks-pl -r /path/to/broken-symlink

which do nothing and results with exit code 0.

I think this is more of a documentation bug in usage().  ROOTDIR is in
fact not mandatory - a list of zero or more items is expected, and each
item processed in turn.  I remember thinking about it for a second, and
this was the most consistent and regular behavior, so the most
attractive to my droid mind :-P

Then, I think, ROOTDIR in synopsis of `symlinks-pl --help` should be:

   symlinks-pl [OPTION ...] [ROOTDIR ...]

like OPTION instead of:

   symlinks-pl [OPTION ...] ROOTDIR ...

to be more consistent to other command line tools. But I see your point and forget to say thanks for sharing. ;-)


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