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Okay, I've got it mostly working now. The missing route seems to be "", "", "", "100". is special and is very special.

255/8 is not globally routed and contains which is used as a broadcast address.

So not the gateway but

0/0 is functionally equivalent to the default gateway.

This works both in Gentoo and VirtualBox ... except for (at least) one internal site.

I have a.i.company.com ("a") and b.i.company.com ("b"). Dig in Gentoo tells me both are aliases for a.r1.i.company.com and b.r1.i.company.com, respectively. They both resolve to 10.x.y.z addresses. But "a" works in both Gentoo and VB, while "b" cannot be resolved in VB (dig finds nothing). I can obviously work around that but I'm very confused why it doesn't work the same in both.

It sounds like you also need to route 10/8 in addition to the aforementioned prefixes.

I find it suspect that "b" doesn't work. I wonder if it's related to the DNS server that you're querying, specifically if it's internal / external and if it's routed through the VPN too.

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