The release schedule
<> has
GeoServer 2.10 being released on Tuesday October 18th.

With the 2.10-RC being released October 12th we have not yet had any
feedback (other then the preflight testing thanks!). We also lack a
volunteer to make the release.

Before we nail down a release date, can I ask if anyone a short-term issue
they expect to fix prior to release?

We have three issues reported against 2.10-RC:
- GEOS-7792 WFS ignores disabling of stores
<> - looks like Ben is
working on this?
- GEOS-7779 WCS scaling request fails if schemaLocation includes scaling
schema <>
- GEOS-7785 Implement a REST Based Role Service for GeoServer
<> - this appears to be a
new feature (reported prior to 2.10-RC being released)

Going through our testing priority:

*Style Editor*
The style editor lists has some improvement requests  (preview reloads on
save <>, reduce vertical
space <>, run validate when
clicking apply <>) along
with actual issues (renaming with validation failure duplicates style
<>, auto detect legend
params <>, not serializable
exception <>, exception
previewing wms layer
<>, exception
previewing unreachable layer

*CSS Extension*

Docs are available for nested rules
<> and

*Double check any deployments using WMS Cascade*

Dave Blasby I am confident you tested the changes here, I still would like
confirmation from existing deployments of WMS cascade that they are
unaffected by the GEOT-5514 fix.

Jody Garnett
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