My name is Ronald Hoek.
I'm a spectrum wide application developer (analyst, design, programming, 
testing, user support, bug-fixing, etc.) for a company in the Netherlands.

Recently (this year) we created an application (using Delphi), which matches 
geo-data from different (secure) sources with each other.

Because this data was not always available as a service (and the data was to 
large to distribute), I started looking for a (web)service, which could 'host' 
that geo-data, so the application could request only parts of the complete set.

Then I found GeoServer as one of the first hits, and I was really positively 
surprised by all the possibilities the application has. We did not look very 
far for other solutions, because GeoServer looked so promising and showed some 
exceled behavior an performance during the first tests and the fact GeoServer 
showed very active development.

But as always all software has issues ( 
https://osgeo-org.atlassian.net/browse/GEOS-8683 ).

So now here I am - as a newby to GeoServer - offering to help with further 
development of GeoServer.

As I'm not a Java Developer, but a Windows Application Developer, for now I 
would like to help with tuning the Windows Installer.

I would suggest the following changes in the installer behavior:

  *   Never to overwrite/delete/add files in an existing 'data_dir'
  *   Suggest to the user to use a 'data_dir' outside the application directory
     *   Note: it's best to uninstall the software before upgrading, as the 
'old' Windows Service Entry is removed and a new one is  created

Maybe other issue might be changed in due time.
But for now these are the two issues I would like to change (I also need to 
learn NSIS first...)
Ronald Hoek
Application Developer
Oud-Beijerland - The Netherlands
Website: http://www.componentagro.nl<http://www.componentagro.nl/>
KvK: H24264020

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