Hi list,

we from terrestris would love to be listed in the "Experienced
Providers" section on the "GeoServer Commercial Support" page, right now
we are listed under "Additional Services" (http://geoserver.org/support/).

We think we qualify as being a provider that meets the requirements as
they are currently listed: "The commercial providers in this category
have not done major contributions directly to the GeoServer project, but
they are trusted as reliable organizations with experience around
GeoServer. They are more recommended for those looking for local
support, and can grow to become core contributors." We tried in 2017
(https://github.com/geoserver/geoserver.github.io/pull/56), and
eventually this attempt came to a stop in 2018 and 2020.

Nonetheless I would like to start again, and will gladly provide a pull
request, if you think we qualify.

Here are some of the things with / around GeoServer we did (and will
very likely continue):

  * Running/conducting German workshops for beginners and more
    experienced users at the FOSSGIS conference continously since 2015,
    ususally 2 WS per year
  * Running and conducting custom tailored workshops for customers, one
    example e.g. this one from 2016 for Mongolian customers:
  * Presenting GeoServer during conferences (excerpt)
      o FOSS4G UK online 2020:
      o FOSSGIS Update 2021: https://fossgis-update.de/#program
      o FOSSGIS
          + 2015 (GeoServer in Action): https://av.tib.eu/media/17593
          + 2016 (News in GeoServer):
          + 2017 (State, new features and nice extensions):
          + 2018 (News in GeoServer):
          + 2018 (Styling options, SLD, CSS, MBStyles):
          + 2019 (GeoServer Demosession): https://av.tib.eu/media/40693
  * Contributions regarding Community extensions
    https://github.com/geoserver/geoserver/pull/3607 We will continue
    efforts here, as there is still room for improvement
  * Contributions towards an official docker image:
  * We have sent two of our people to the then existing train the
    trainer workshops in 2015 (ran by Boundless then, I guess)
  * We usually present GeoServer as one part of a standard stack when
    consulting wrt SDIs
  * We run a number of bigger installations for several customers and
    help them to keep everything running
  * We run one quite popular free OpenStreetMap WMS with world wide
    coverage https://www.terrestris.de/en/openstreetmap-wms/, this
    service we also offer as a paid service with some guarantees

There might be more that we are doing, but the above is already quite a
thing, I think.

What else do you think we should do, to move up in that "hierarchy" of
commercial support providers? I can of course come up with a pull
request anytime.

We would really gladly help this awesome project wherever you think this
is a good idea.

Kind regards,


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