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> When it comes to implementation my java skills are severly lacking and I
> am not familiar with the Geoserver codebase, but given some pointers and
> guidance I guess I could try.

The simplest approach is probably to:

   - Add the bbox, srs to the GetLegendGraphic request object as a
   (the scale denominator is already an existing parameter, and width/height
   have a different meaning by spec, so I'm not sure about adding a different
   set of width/height, some consideration should be done about pros/cons of
   each choice)
   - Modify
   to count how many features match a rule own filter along with the correct
   bbox one (which has to be expressed in the source CRS, and take into
   account eventual map wrapping), if the count is zero, discard the rule

The changes need to be packaged as a pull request, following these rules:


You can also check this guide, but given the mail, you might have already
read it:

> Another option I'm considering is
> sponsoring the development of this, but in order to justify this I need
> some (guess/est)imates on time/complexity of the task, and of course I
> need someone (with knowledge of WMS in Geoserver) to take on the task.
> Please not that I am just asking for some ballpark figures, and if this
> is something that (if funded) would be considered added to Geoserver.

I believe this is something that would be quite welcomed. Sponsoring wise,
we normally do
not provide quotes in public, but you can ask directly to any of these


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