Hello list!

Altough the GetLegendGraphic functionality works great for simple
cases/layers/layergroups there are some shortcomings when dealing with
more complex layer(groups). 

I'm in a phase where I consider wether GetLegendGraphic  as implemented
by Geoserver meets my needs, and the possibility of improving it.

My main wish for the GetLegendGraphic is to make it "dynamic", i.e.
supply it a bbox (and map with/height?) as in GetMap, and get back a
legend consisting of just the features available on the given are (so
that the legend matches the part of the map the user currently sees).

I haven't found any previous discussions on this, sorry if I have
overlooked any. In my mind this seems like a rather simple task: 
- Geoserver has code for getting features at a given area (used in
- Geoserver supports rendering of legend entries

I guess the main issue is combining these in a simple and (rather) fast
manner, so that GetLegendGraphic is performant. 

When it comes to implementation my java skills are severly lacking and I
am not familiar with the Geoserver codebase, but given some pointers and
guidance I guess I could try. Another option I'm considering is
sponsoring the development of this, but in order to justify this I need
some (guess/est)imates on time/complexity of the task, and of course I
need someone (with knowledge of WMS in Geoserver) to take on the task.
Please not that I am just asking for some ballpark figures, and if this
is something that (if funded) would be considered added to Geoserver.

So, any comments, pointers, and esitmates welcome!

Best Regards
Atle F. Sveen

  Atle Frenvik Sveen

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