Hello,  I am pretty new here,  so bare with me.  I have tried to search but a
lot of links on previous posts do not work, so I'm forced to ask again.

I have worked out some Blue Marble Tiffs and added them.  However I was
seeing if its possible to add 2 GeoTiffs to the same Store. Right now I have
them as two different stores, and made them into a layer group.  But is that
the best way to do it?  If I had a bunch of GeoTiffs, do I really need to
make a store for each one?

Also I finally figured out how to get GDAL on GeoServer.  I have about a 1TB
of RPF A.TOC and other various formats that I would like to get loaded into
GeoServer as well.  Is this also the only way to do it?  there are countless
GeoTiffs for any given area,  so a different store for each seems like a bit
overkill?  wouldn't adding different layers to each Store for each "area" be

Lastly, Is there a way to add an entire folder and have it search for all
the RPF A.TOC files?  I have one Folder name "Florida"  inside that folder
are 4 other folders labled "CB01" "CB05" "CB10" "CDRG"  inside of those is
more.  I am assuming the CB01/05/10 folders are like Pyramids for the data.
but CDRG has other folders "GNC, JNC,JOG,LFCDAY, etc" all of which have
A.TOC files.  adding them all is a pain.


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