are you saying that your old GeoServer installation was copied to your new computer? If your data directory was copied from the working installation, you should not need to modify users.xml.

Do both installations use the same versions of Java and GeoServer?

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On 05/04/18 01:51, Cindy Copp wrote:
I have done some further investigating since I posted.  I just got a new computer, with 
Windows 10, and have not been able to login from the Geoserver Web Admin Page, although I 
do know my user name and password.  The error I get is "Invalid username/password 
combination."  I am sure my password is correct, though.  On  a hunch I decided to 
try logging in on my old computer, and I absolutely have no trouble at all logging in on 
my old computer.
Is it still a good idea to try and change my password in the xml?

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