answering myself after this been answered in gis stackexchange, the
endpoint to deal with raster data is PUT /workspaces/{workspaceName}/

On 16 April 2018 at 14:34, Abel Soares <> wrote:

> I'm using the following endpoint to create datasources in Geoserver:
> PUT /workspaces/{workspaceName}/datastores/{storeName}/{method}.{format}
> I have been able to create vector datastores from an already available
> .shp at Geoserver data directory, using the method as external and format 
> option
> as .shp
> My issue is that the documentation
> <> only
> gives the .shp format example, and i can't seem to find whats the correct
> option for geotiff format.
> So, does any one know the list of available options for format and the
> correct way to use it for geotiff data?
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