Hi all!

I would like to discuss best practice for serving rather large amounts of
aerial imagery (ie orthophotos). My setup is Geoserver 2.16 on a local
Windows Server. I also have PostgreSQL 10.5/Postgis 2.4.4 running on the
same server, but that is not used for imagery at this point.

Imagery is stored in uncompressed geotifs, ~300MB each, and there are
150-250 of these per year so it adds up to hundreds of GB’s. Disk space on
the server is already an issue but can be augmented. I have FME and lots of
experience working with aerial imagery, but less experience from imagery on

I have figured out and tested three approaches and will list them with the
pros and cons I have found so far. They are not in order of preference or
anything. Less disk space is more important than necessary bandwidth, but
overall performance is important.

 1/ Use ImageMosaic and serve one folder of tiffs per year.

Pros: No file processing necessary, deliveries can simply be dumped in a
folder. Folder doubles as data storage if original files need to be
retrieved. Original resolution is unchanged.

Cons: Will need huge amounts of disk space. Despite some tiles tweaking,
very slow performance, esp at small scales.

2/ Mosaic the image files into one ECW file with the original resolution
and serve that from an ECW store.

Pros: Will take up significantly (1/5-1/10) less disk space. Very fast
performance, regardless of scale.

Cons: Time consuming file processing, but a one-time job. Original files
will need storage elsewhere. Possible licensing limitations on the ecw

3/ Mosaic the image files into one JP2k file and serve that from a JP2ECW

Pros: Will take up much less disk space, but more than ECW. No licensing

Cons: Time consuming file processing, but a one-time job. Original files
need storage elsewhere. Slightly slower performance than ECW.

In a case like this, what is a generally agreed best practice? All hints
and suggestions are most welcome. Maybe there are better alternatives than
the above? PostGIS raster storage maybe?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Mats.E

*GisKraft*, GIS och webbkonsult
Mats Elfström, Väpplingvägen 21, SE-227 38 LUND, Sweden
tel: +46 70 595 39 35 / web: www.giskraft.com
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