On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 11:36 PM Gabriel Roldan <gabriel.rol...@gmail.com>

> Maybe take the opportunity to fix the typo in "featureRenderer()" (it
> should be featureRendered(), shouldn't it?) and for the sake of consistency
> add feartureStart() and featureEnd(). So maybe
> deprecating featureRenderer() and make featureStart() a default that calls
> the deprecated one until it's removed?

Hmm... this GSIP needs to be backportable, and the change you're suggesting
is not necessary to the task at hand. Start/end of feature seems a bit too
granular, but it's just a feeling, if you want to go for it,
I'd suggest you make a separate proposal targeting only master, and a PR to
follow suite. A reminder, now deprecating an API implies migrating all the
calling points in GT/GWC/GS to the non deprecated
replacement, or the build will break (it's one of the checks in the QA

> Another question: do you expect feature events to be enclosed by
> layerStart/End events? I'm not sure how that'll play with multithreading, I
> think StreamingRenderer will do parallel rendering to separate backbuffers
> in some cases?

Good point, they should be enclosed, meaning that the layer end needs to be
issued from the rendering thread. It can be done, matter of implementation,
something to be checked in the PR.
There is a case where that cannot be guaranteed though... when using
cross-layer z-ordering:
Not much we can do about it I'm afraid, but the javadocs and related
documentation should point that clearly at the very least.

Speaking of MT, the rendering is only lightly multi-threaded, there are two
fixed threads, one reading the data, preprocessing it, preparing the styles
to be compatible with Java 2D,
and one actually rendering the geometries with the desired styles,
connected by a blocking queue. It was done like this to compensate for the
Ductus rasterizer
scalability issues, needs to be evaluated if it's still beneficial once we
move away from Java 8 (Oracle Java 8 is the last implementation based on
it, from Java 9
onwards Marlin is built-in into the JDK).

The backbuffers are used to handle multiple feature type styles applied to
the same layer, that does not cause multiple threads to be issued.



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