I try to place a TrueTypeFont-symbol with a Halo-effect directly on the centre 
of a point.As far as I know from the GeoTools-documentation a Halo-effect for a 
TrueTypeFont-symbol with PointSymbolizer is not possible.With TextSymbolizer a 
Halo-effect is possible for a normal or TrueTypeFont. But when I do 
TextSymbolizer the TrueTypeFont-symbol is not placed exactly on the centre of 
the point. The displacement is noticable for a large fontsize. I have set the 
Anchorpoint to 0.5 / 0.5. CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_KEY Hint for the TextSymbolizer 
lis set to false and MAX_DISPLACEMENT_KEY is set to 0.
Is this a bug?Or is there a special Hint for it?The displacement from the 
centre is not the same for different TrueTypeFonts so I cannot use a correction 
displacement using setDisplacement.
Thanks for any help.
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