Hi list,

I am using JMapPane with StreamingRenderer to draw my map. Sometimes a 
layer experiences an exception whilst rendering.  A recent example is a 
reprojected WMSLayer being incapable of projecting to the renderer's CRS 
due to transformation issues at a particular extent.  This exception is 
caught, reported and the layer is marked as failed.  The other layers 
continue to render and display on the rendered map.  So far all good.

However, the next time I perform any action on the map - pan/zoom/add or 
remove a layer/etc - the renderer always returns a blank white image.

Does anyone know if this is by design (ie after any failure it 
deliberately stops working)?  I don't think it is anything that I have 
done as there isn't really any non-geotools code involved but it's quite 
possible it is me, so if not the above, does anyone have any idea how 
this behaviour might be caused?



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