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Announcement on Tuesday, 18 October 2016


IISD Launches a New Online Knowledge Hub on the Sustainable Development Goals


A new online knowledge hub launched today provides an unparalleled view of 
multilateral, national and sub-national efforts to achieve the Sustainable 
Development Goals (SDGs).

The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s SDG Knowledge 
Hub<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22648/32/> consolidates our Policy & 
Practice knowledgebases—and the tens of thousands of published articles 
contained within them. Focused on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 
and its Sustainable Development Goals, the platform draws on IISD’s network of 
experts to provide real-time information on SDG implementation.

“The development of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was one of the 
largest participatory processes ever,” said Scott Vaughan, President of the 
International Institute for Sustainable Development. “Information sharing, 
measurement and assessment will need to continue if the global community is to 
achieve the aims set out in the new agenda.”

“The SDG Knowledge Hub provides a much-needed space for that exchange to take 
place,” said Vaughan.

IISD experts are at the meetings we report on, talking to those involved, and 
gathering information from official, primary sources. We also develop 
partnerships with the institutions and organizations we cover, and publish 
original content from invited experts who are working on the frontlines of SDG 
implementation. The SDG Knowledge Hub does not aggregate news from other 

The SDG Knowledge Hub will be presented at an event in Geneva, Switzerland, on 
October 26th, and on a webinar on November 3rd. Register for the Geneva event 
here<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22668/33/>, and the webinar 

The value of the hub lays in the depth of information it will contain on each 
SDG, as well as the breadth of knowledge across all elements of the integrated 
2030 Agenda. Content is organized and searchable according to the 17 
SDGs<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22670/35/>. Information is also 
categorized according to 
actors<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22671/36/>, focusing on 
intergovernmental bodies, agencies and funds within the UN system, as well as 
national governments, major partnerships, stakeholders and non-state actors. In 
addition, content is searchable by seven 
regional<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22672/37/> groups as well as 
three regional groupings of small island developing States. A comprehensive 
calendar provides details on 
events<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22673/38/> that address SDG 
policy and practice.

Users can also filter<https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22674/39/> posts 
by issue area, action type and specific elements in SDG 17, on the global 
partnership. This filter permits users to focus in on news based on whether it 
addresses means of implementation (MOI), such as capacity building and 
education, or the following systemic issues: data, monitoring and 
accountability; multi-stakeholder partnerships; and policy and institutional 



Funding for the SDG Knowledge Hub has been provided by the Swiss Agency for 
Development and Cooperation


The SDG Knowledge Hub <https://lists.iisd.ca/t/1653133/226736/22648/42/> is a 
knowledgebase tracking implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable 
Development, including its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click here 
for further information on the SDG Knowledge Hub 



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