Patch Set 1:


> > The above build failure seems dubious.
 > > The build is complaining about a missing header file
 > > (osmocom/bsd/acc_ramp.h) which is a file added by my commit. Have
 > I
 > > done something wrong or is this a bug in the jenkins build?
 > The problem appears only during the 'make distcheck'.
 > It seems, you forgot to update the 'include/osmocom/bsc/'
 > ;)
Indeed! I missed that file. Thanks!
File include/osmocom/bsc/acc_ramp.h:

Line 20: #ifndef _ACC_RAMP_H_
> Do we still use this way of the include guard?
Sure, I will use that pragma instead. This would be more consistent with other 
existing headers as well.
File src/libbsc/chan_alloc.c:

Line 660:       if (bts->chan_load_avg > 100) /* sanity check; should not 
happen */
> Why not to use OSMO_ASSERT if this should not happen?
Agreed, I will use that. And also in other cases where I used plain assert().
File src/libbsc/system_information.c:

PS1, Line 679: if (bts->acc_ramping_enabled) {
             :          si1->rach_control.t2 |= 
             :          si1->rach_control.t3 |= 
             :  }
> This block appears multiple times, so what
I'm adding a small helper function in the next patch set.

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