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Regarding the test failure: We recently updated the unit running 
osmo-gsm-tester to debian9 using new ansible recipes and we are experiencing 
some ofono modems stability issues and I need to restart ofono every few hours. 
I restarted ofono and re-triggered the jenkins job.
File src/osmo_gsm_tester/

Line 278:     # Poke into internal to avoid hitting the linecache which will 
make one or
According to [1], _getframe() can have a depth parameter, which if I understand 
correctly, makes useless the for loop below as you can pass levels_up - 1 
directly. Then better except for ValueError and return "<unknown:unknown>" if 

In the doc it is also specified that this function is cython specific, which 
means it may be better to leave old implementation as fallback. Check for 
except AttributeError when calling sys._getframe() and then call older 


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