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>INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
>INFO: Programme not in history
>WARNING: Page parsing may fail with HTML::Parser versions before 3.71.
>You have version 3.69.

I wondered if this was relevant, as it suggests you're either not using a
recent enough version of perl installed by g_ip's installer (which would
also install uptodate versions of perl 'modules'), or you've manually
installed perl (or had it already) and not kept the modules uptodate.

Or if you're not using get_iplayer 2.90 - you should really tell us...

But I do have 2.90 and an uptodate perl etc, so I tried a fetch including

  --pid b04nj385 --mode crap  --verbose

The "crap" is there deliberately, because I know that even if everything
else is ok there won't be a "crap" mode available, so the fetch won't go
ahead - in other words it's an easy way to see verbose command output
without going ahead with the actual fetch.  Anyway I also only saw a single
mode - wma1 - being offered, so the obvious INFO message isn't relevant.

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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