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today, of the three BBC Radio Wales programmes that I normally get
all are having to be downloaded as liveradio with radiomode=wma
the three programmes are Roy Noble, Celtic Heartbeat and Beverley's
World of Music

First cut at a fix now in Git:


There have a been several similar problems reported lately (all with nations radio programmes so far), enough to be more than coincidental. I'm assuming that the mediaselector/4 API is on the way to being killed, or left to rot, at least in part. Whatever the case, some RTMP streams are disappearing. So, for anyone using this patch:

- I've changed get_iplayer to use the mediaselector/5 API by default. If you don't know what "mediaselector/5 API" means, all you need to know is that it is a newer BBC interface for retrieving media stream parameters. It should return RTMP stream data that is missing from the older mediaselector/4 API for some programmes.

- AFAICT, this change seems to work for iPlayer content and BBC news site videos. In the past, there were some other esoteric audio/video things that get_iplayer could download. I don't remember what they were specifically, or if they are still around. If you find some non-iPlayer content along those lines that no longer works, feel free to post it. However, my attitude is that anything that is not iPlayer content can be thrown under the bus it it's any trouble to fix.

- wma mode (radio) and flashlow mode (tv) are not available. WMA is going bye-bye in 6 weeks, so you should be weaning yourself off it anyway. Lower-quality modes for video are now only available in the mobile device mediasets. If you don't know what "mediaset" means in this context, all you need to is that it is a construct used to segment the available media streams into groups for different types of devices, e.g., mobile vs desktop. It may be possible to bring in the low-quality video modes from mobile mediasets, but that is a headache for another time.

- Use --mediaselector=4 to return to the old behaviour, e.g., in order to get wma or flashlow mode. There is no guarantee it will work, however.

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