Yes - I get these all of the time. CJB

On 26/04/2021, fred.d <> wrote:
> I've noticed an increase over the past few months in getting the failed
> to download messages see sample after this message, which is the last
> error then success.
> Initially before Christmas it was every so often. Jan and Feb it moved
> to repeat once or twice on most of the downloads with a few not an issue
> but all download OK. In the last couple of months it's been every file
> fail message twice then downloads OK. Today I had a couple with 5 fails
> then downloads OK.
> I appreciate that the program says ignore the message if it downloads
> and my downloads are successful...
> However I was wondering if anyone else is getting the same level of
> response as I am and if so, does anyone actually know why the frequency
> might be increasing.
> Asking partly because I just like to know these sorts of things but also
> partly because if it's something to do with my setup I'd like to get it
> back to "normal".
> I haven't changed the config options for about 2 years so I'm presuming
> it's more likely changes at the remote end. I could speculate but I'm
> wondering if anyone knows.
> Ta.
> ------
> ERROR: Failed to download URL (3/3):
> 8cac489-bdda-483f-ae0d-27d3d7ddf42b.ism/pc_hd_abr_v2_hls_master.m3u8?at=Ww262mGZ7a1dc6a235e548cffcab8cc34065bf98ee8f60005c0e34bc71240
> ERROR: Response: 403 Forbidden
> ERROR: Access to this resource was blocked by the BBC
> ERROR: Ignore this error if programme download is successful
> INFO: Downloading tv: 'Silent Witness: Series 5 - 06. Faith, Part 2
> (p032kkx2) [original]'
> INFO: Downloaded: 658.19 MB (00:49:54) @ 21.49 Mb/s (hvfxsd1/bi)
> [audio+video]
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