On 2022-02-14 15:15, Clive wrote:

I'm sure I had this problem previously but can't recall the solution.

So ... you should have kept notes last time...

You asked the same question about 3.28 on 9 Dec 2021.  Someone gave you
some advice; maybe it helped?

I'm running v3.28 on W11 with no problems (and 3.29 on W11 on another
computer). When I double-click on the setup file obtained from github
via square penguin's installer link, the cursor hourglass runs for a
couple of seconds then nothing happens.

Did you check that the installer you downloaded is complete (which you'd
do by checking it has the expected size - which the download page only
lists approximately) and hash (which is described in an adjacent file)?

If those are ok, I'd be looking - in event logs probably - for signs
that the installer .exe began to run and then had some sort of error.

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