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Jeremy Nicoll - ml gip <jn.ml.gti...@wingsandbeaks.org.uk> wrote:

> On 2022-10-13 11:40, Chris Walker wrote:
> > I sort them into the relevant year using
> > <nameshort>/<firstbcastyear> but I then have to run a bash script
> > to create a folder for the relevant
> > month with this code :-
> > newdir=$month" "$(date -d $month/01 +%b) where the month has been
> > extracted earlier such that I get a folder named '10 Oct'.
> > 
> > But of course GiP already provides the firstbcastmonth so is there
> > any way for GiP to create the month in the format I desire?
> What IS the format you desire?

I want the format to be <nameshort>/<firstbcastyear>/10 Oct where 10
Oct is derived from the <firstbcastmonth>

> What happens if instead of
>    <nameshort>/<firstbcastyear>
> you use
>    <nameshort>/<firstbcastyear>/<firstbcastmonth>

Instead of the sub-directory being 10 Oct it would be simply be 10 and
for purely personal reasons I don't want that.

> (or possibly something like
>    <nameshort>
>     /<firstbcastyear>/<firstbcastday> <firstbcastmonth>
> if the latter variable also exists?

They all exist for the 2 programmes I identified and indeed I use a
variation of those which already defined as <firstbcastdate>. They form
part of the filename to identify 'Sounds of the 60s with Tony
Blackburn' which would simply overwrite the previous file if I didn't
have the subfolder structure which I've chosen.

> It's been a long time since I used get_iplayer, but I approached this
> sort of problem by generating and issuing get_iplayer commands which
> contained explicit filepaths invented to suit whatever I was fetching
> rather than expecting get_iplayer to work out what to do with each
> file.

I don't think I'm expecting GiP to work out what to do with each file.
I have preferences set in general but choose to do things slightly
differently for a few programmes.

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