This is OT but I'm hoping some here will be using yt-dlp and can help!

The version of yt-dlip I've been using has been upped to the current one.
This now refuses to work unless I also go to Python 3.7 so I have installed
the basics of that... I think. However...

Now when I try to run it is fails by saying 

No module "contextvars".

It then, I think, tries to use Python 3.6 and throws its errors that I
won't do that. Then stops. No coconut.

This is probably because I've not installed one of the packages for 3.7
that it needs, but I'm not sure of that, and don't want to install every
3.7 item that synaptic list if that isn't needed. Nor find I have to remove
Python 3.6!

Can anyone clarify/help, please?

Running a Mint xfce distro.



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