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> yes, i saw that changelog entry.  How about mentioning that it requires a 
> "-mode xres yres" to do it in the docs? ;)

A good idea, but I'm not the maintainer of Linux Heretic, so I can't
fix it.

> as for my problems, i found that for some reason heretic seemed to be 
> grabbing the 320x240 differntly then when speced with the 320x240.  It seems 
> to flicker in "menu mode" when not refreshing at 214Hz.  Strange...

Probably related to the way Heretic updates the screen. There's
another undocumented option called '-doublebuffer' in ggiheretic,
which may help a bit. It's not perfect though.

> As for my problems, it seems that i had a screwed up motherboard.  It would 
> die when certain monochrome cards were mixed with vga cards, and would just 
> not work with other monochrome cards.
> I have switched to a new computer in which the motherboard is screwed up in 
> a differnt way, and while the video works, the kernel & ggi no longer 
> compile :/

Umm, maybe you should just go buy a working motherboard. ;-)

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