>Andreas Beck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > BTW: Heretic has a -mode parameter that should change resolution, 
>however it
> > doesn't seem to work right in my outdated copy.
>Hmm, it should work, but it have some limitations - here's my Changelog
>* Initial support for higher resolutions (automap, menus, statusbar and
>   info screens work flawlessly now, but the 3d engine gets messed up or
>   crashes if vertical resolution exceeds 240. Horizontal resolutions are
>   limited to the common ones - 320, 512, 640, 800 and 1024 all work fine
>   but most inbetween causes crashes.)
>Note that there's also a -scale option for ggiheretic, which will
>scale the display 2 times.

yes, i saw that changelog entry.  How about mentioning that it requires a 
"-mode xres yres" to do it in the docs? ;)

as for my problems, i found that for some reason heretic seemed to be 
grabbing the 320x240 differntly then when speced with the 320x240.  It seems 
to flicker in "menu mode" when not refreshing at 214Hz.  Strange...

As for my problems, it seems that i had a screwed up motherboard.  It would 
die when certain monochrome cards were mixed with vga cards, and would just 
not work with other monochrome cards.

I have switched to a new computer in which the motherboard is screwed up in 
a differnt way, and while the video works, the kernel & ggi no longer 
compile :/


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