I've got the same setup.
vesafb works for me up to 1024x768@16bpp and 1280x1024@8bpp

>From my experimenting with kgicon you have to compile kgicon with a specific
monitor configured. Then run:

insmod kgicon.o kgicon_bpp=16 kgicon_width=1024 kgicon_height=768 ; con2fbmap 0

The <number> is the next free number is in /proc/fb before you insmod the kgicon

Unfortunately it hasn't been very stable for me yet, but I am experimenting.

With generic monitor you may need to do something like:

insmod kgicon.o <blah...> ; setmon ; con2fbmap

I don't know I haven't try it yet.

Hope it helps,

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Subject:    kgicon questions 
Date:       12/16/99 12:54 PM


I'm trying to get a kgicon fb running. I have a Cyrix MediaGX board with the
5530 chipset. I can get the kernel vesafb to run in 640x480x8 with no
problems. If I configure kgicon and build for the GX and try 'insmod
kigocon.o' the screen displays a bunch of dots on all virtual consoles. If I
configure kgicon and build for VGA and insmod, then con2fbmap, it appears
the new fb takes over but only the top 2-3 inches of the display are
refreshed. My real goal is to get 1024x768x16, but the vesafb doesn't seem
to work quite right with these settings. Any ideas?

Kyle Harris

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