> > I'm going to try a differnt approach at this.  I'd like to get dual 
> > GGI support and am willing to buy a video card to do so.  What video 
> > should i buy?

>       If only multihead and not new, fast, accelerated multihead is your
>goal, just get an old PCI Matrox Millenium and an ald ISA VGA card of any
>type and go MMIO-only on the matrox.

I've found a listing by a vendor for the  Matrox Millennium G200 (PCI), Is 
that well supported?

You can also easily add a monochrome

(by the way, i'm not shure how to go MMIO only on the matrox.  in fact, i'm 
not even shure how to get libggi to use kgi as a target since i never seen a 
libggi-kgi-target package ;)

>8bit card to multihead on any linux system.  The kernel supports it
I thought that was just a text mode driver in fbcon.  I've found that the 
KGIcon hercules driver does not compile.  does the standard fbcon mono 
driver support graphics?

> > I've notice that matrox has a dual headed card, which imagine works with
> > itself :), and that the matrox seem to be more supported then the other
> > cards.  would that be the card to get?
>       If they've got the docs, and also if someone is willing to write
>the driver code to make it all work.  It won't be a walk in the park, I
>dare say.
ok, i'll stay away from it. thanks.

as for my goals, my short term goal is to get multi-headed heritic working.  
my long term goal is to get multi-player multi-headed heritic working (might 
be waitin a while for this one ;)

(i guess geting hercules running with a VGA card in multi-headed graphics 
mode is my instantanious goal, cause i want to get familiar with what the 
commands are to do multi-headed :)

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