On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Kyle Harris wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a couple of questions concerning kgicon in general and the
> MediaGX driver in particular.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
> 1) What is the procedure for activating the kgicon. 

        I usually just 'insmod kgicon.o'.

> For example, if the
> module has been built for a generic monitor, does setmon have to be
> called after inserting the module? 

        If you want to use >640x480, yes.  But if the driver is working
correctly, you should probably come up in a 640x480x8 80x30 textmode.

> Does con2fbmap need to be called? 

        Not unless you booted your kernel with a framebuffer driver, which
is not a good idea to mix with KGI drivers in any case.  If you are going
to use one, don't use the other, and if you are going to use KGIcon
drivers, always boot into 80x25 textmode.

> Or
> is it sufficient to simply 'insmod kgicon.o'? 

        It should be, if the driver is working properly.

> Are there mandatory
> arguments that need to be supplied with the insmod command? 

        They aren't mandatory, but they are there.

> For example,
> 'insmod kgicon.o kgicon_width=640 kgicon_height=480'. I have tried
> numerous variants of all of these for both VGA and MediaGX and have been
> unable to get an operating console.

        Find every occurance of '#define DEBUG_level X' (where X is any
integer) at the top of all the sourcefiles for the MediaGX driver, the
generic monitor driver and fbcon-kgi.c and change X to 255 in all of them.
Then rebuild and insert the driver, reboot, and look at /var/log/messages.
Clip out the debug logs and post them to the list so we can have a look.


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