Marcus' GGI QuakeForge target is simply AMAZING (for a software renderer
naturally---I'll stick with using Mesa+Glide personally..)

The test system is pretty big, but not too big that measurable performance
differences cannot be realized:

        PIII-450 (512k cache)
        128 Meg RAM
        3Dfx Voodoo3 3000D

First, some timings for 16bpp X11

                X11             GGI X11         GGI DGA         -scale 2
320x200         82.3            84.6            90.5            59.7
320x240         74.6            73.2            81.2            48.8
512x384         37.9            40.4            45.8            23.0
640x480         26.7            28.4            33.3
800x600         17.6            18.9            23.5

Now maybe the -scale 2 numbers are kinda low, but consider what you get is
a screen twice the size of what mode you specify.  That 512x384 ends up
being a 1024x768 window.  Not too shabby.

All of these numbers drop about 10 fps when run on a 32 bpp xserver, with
the exception of the plain X11 target which simply doesn't work right at

Since I'm using an older version of SVGALib still I can't provide much by
way of SVGALib times--I'm limited to VGA only.

                SVGALib         GGI SVGALib
320x200         75.0            74.6
320x240         65.4            62.8

Seems that the SVGALib native target is a little faster, but I'm not
really surprised at this.  I suspect KGI or other FB targets to perform
very well comparitively, probably faster than the DGA target in many
cases, but someone will have to post that comparison themselves.

To everyone involved with the GGI project, give yourselves a pat on the
back--you've earned it.

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past two weeks,
QuakeForge is probably the single most promising (though some may argue
I'm a bit biased) project based on ID Software's Quake source release.

Our goals are to fix the known (and perhaps some of the unknown) bugs in
Quake and QuakeWorld first, then begin extending and enhancing the Quake
engine while maintaining 100% gameplay compatibility when used with
standard datafiles.  We've been cleaning up the source tree and merging
Quake and QuakeWorld source in preparation of our first release promised
Real Soon Now(TM).

The entire project is of course licensed under the GPL (has to be, but we
wouldn't want it any other way..)

The project can be found at:

More developer-oriented stuff can be found at:

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