GGL is a project based on top on GGI, wich will provide a very high
level API to game programmers, not only for graphics, but also for devices,
sound, AI, real-time video, loading of graphic formats, and more.
        You can see our web at:

        Unfortunatelly the english version hasn't the news as updated as the
spanish one, but the rest is equal.

        We have updated from 0.1.2 version to 0.2.0, you can download from
the web page (if not now, in a few hours, as it must be put on the server by
the admin).
        The most important changes are:

        * New 2D engine, supporting layers, and more efficient than previous
          one. It has been proved exporting the display through ethernet
          from a 486/66 and it seems to be quite fast now (thanks to
          ggiFlushRegion ;)

        * The devices support is almost done, there is only a little problem
          between joystick and keyboard buttons, but some people in this
          list has said to me how to solve it (Thanks also to them).

        * We are now 26 developers!

        * API documentation is almos synchronized with the actual API.

        * We have now a complete tutorial (complete with the things that we
          have implemented now, of course) !! (Downloadable from the web)

        * Network system is completelly specified, now only needs

        * Realtime video is in the same state than network :)

        * Other systems, although quite thought, are still neither
          implemented nor specified.

        Thats all. Although there is an example with GGL, it's too much
simple. I've made another, it's at the
name may change as I'm making snapshots quite often, but it starts by

Have fun!
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