On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Mardy wrote:
> Then, here is the make log (unfortunately, when the patch has already
> been applied). Looks like KGI is missing two GGI file, which I think I
> have somewhere, but I preferred not to move anything before having some
> info from you. :-) Should I just copy those files? Shouldn't they be
> included in KGI?

To me it looks like the libggi directory is meant to compile
on a system on which libggi has already been installed, (perhaps
even to be copied over into the libggi tree?)  

I don't think it's working yet anyway.  Try "make" in the driver and in
the apps/demos and libkgi directories; that should give you a module to insert 
under the new kernel, and some test programs to run under it.

Don't expect too much (but tell us what you do get).  Things are certainly much 
further along than before, though.

P.S. another note for anyone trying this out: if you load your own custom kernel 
.config file, then you have to turn on virtual console support, go into the fbdev 
area and turn off the vga console, then go back and turn off virtual console 
support to make things work.


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