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> The file target in ggi-devel-000103 invariably segfaults
> if you ask the file target to write a ppm file rather
> than a raw file (can send more debugging info if you need
> it). Works fine in 2.0b2.1. The file target code is the
> same, so must be somewhere else.
> LibGGI: Disposing "generic-stubs"
> LibGGI: Closing handle: 0x80a3688
> LibGGI: _ggiZapDL(0x808db50, 0x808edcc) called
> LibGGI: Disposing "generic-color"
> LibGGI: Closing handle: 0x80a3a38
> LibGGI: _ggiZapDL(0x808db50, 0x808ee34) called
> LibGGI: Disposing "file"
> LibGGI: display-file: going down.
> LibGGI: display-file: GGIresetmode(0x808db50)
> (segv)

It's because the unloading order has changed so the linear and
color libs unloaded before the target lib. We really need to fix
things so that all GGIdlcleanup functions are called before we
start to unloading sublibs from memory.

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