ggiResourceMustAcquire is simply a macro that returns true if the
  resource must be explicitly acquired and released, or false if not.
  However, it is still safe to call
ggiResourceAcquire or ggiResourceRelease even in the latter case --
  it would be a no-op.

are you sure about this ?
in my case ->resource ==0

(using 16bit Xserver with palemu target and GT_8BIT mode)

i do resource acquire of my dbuf and it segfaults...


const ggi_directbuffer *dbuf;

/* Acquire DirectBuffer before we use it. */
if (ggiResourceAcquire(dbuf->resource, GGI_ACTYPE_WRITE) != 0) {
        fail("Error acquiring DirectBuffer\n");

this cannot work. if ggi_directbuffer is const, and
ggiResourceAcquire wants a non-const ggi_resource_t my compiler
kicks me.


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