> i didn't do the correct code:
>    if (ggiResourceMustAcquire(dbs[writeframe]->resource))
>       if (ggiResourceAcquire(dbs[writeframe]->resource,GGI_ACTYPE_WRITE)!=0)
> instead i did:
>    if (ggiResourceMustAcquire(dbs[writeframe]))
>       if (ggiResourceAcquire(dbs[writeframe],GGI_ACTYPE_WRITE)!=0)

> but i do not like that this compiles WITHOUT warnings about
> type mismatchs !
> is everything in ggi a void* ?

This is a valid point. We do that void * stuff on pupose to make sure users
don't try to dereference stuff they shouldn't (bypassing the encapsulation
rule and the access layers). However in cases like yours, it's in the way ... 
Ideas ?

CU, ANdy

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