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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 21:03:51 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Berlin-design] Re: [Berlin-drawing] ggi mode negotiation

"Jon M. Taylor" wrote:

>         I have now crossposted this discussion to the GGI mailing list.
> I'm not familiar enough with this aspect of GGI to be able to help you
> much more in this area, as you can see |->.  I'll bet Andy and Marcus will
> be able to work this out just fine, though, and I'll jump in if I am
> needed.  OK?

Thanks. However, we can't mail to the GGI ML if we are not subscribed.
That was the reason for me to invite Andreas and Marcus to join our 
berlin-drawing list. it is fairly low traffic and has a rather specific

Ok. And while we are at it, I have a couple of questions about ggi_visuals.
I'm still thinking about the backing store which, in fact, would be a
ggi_visual store. Since you seem to associate an event stack with each
visual I'm wondering whether the way I want to use it is really appropriate
or whether there are any alternatives. What I have in mind is really a GGI
tool managing offscreen memory (ideally, video memory) which I can allocate
chunks from for various high traffic targets. These could be used for
video stuff as well as little animations such as pretty poiners etc. which
are then just overlaied to still have a functional scene graph. Could any
GGI guru comment on this idea ?

Jon - could you please forward this again since I'm sure the mail will
bounce back from ggi-develop. (one last time...;)

Regards,        Stefan
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