On Sat, Jan 15, 2000 at 01:32:12PM -0800, Jon M. Taylor wrote:
>       I will be working on a jmt3 release this weekend, so if anyone out
> there has outstanding patches and wants them merged into jmt3, get them to
> my by midnight PST.  Jos, I have your latest ViRGE patches which you
> posted to thie list.  Brian, I will be working on the VGA driver again
> this weekend, so if you have made any useful changes since jmt2, please
> let me know OK?  The goal is to get the VGA driver to set one or more
> textmodes, as well as 320x200x8 and 640x480x4 modes.  This will be plenty
> to write and test a LibGGI target against.

So I will start my merge from jmt3. Please send me your jmt3 tarball as
soon as it is ready, and I will prepare the next official KGI-0.9 release
starting from it.


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