On 16 Jan 2000, Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> Jos Hulzink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Please find attached a new update for the ViRGE driver. It does not much,
> > in fact it tries to detect memory size and enables interrupts. but this
> > was a merely a test to see if communication with the chip works. Now I can
> > really start to work on the modesettings.
> I think this only should go to the ggi-kgi list.
> The very reason we added new lists was so we didn't have to have
> everything here. This goes to Jon and Steffen and everyone else too.
> Announcing Steffens monthly releases here is good, but other discussions
> and announcements concerning only KGI doesn't really belong here.
> I'm subscribed to both lists, and I expect everyone else interrested
> in KGI is subscribed to ggi-kgi at least.

I agree. I'm subscribed to both lists too, and I don't like it, when I get
the same post twice times...

Christoph Egger

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