Jos Hulzink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Please find attached a new update for the ViRGE driver. It does not much,
> in fact it tries to detect memory size and enables interrupts. but this
> was a merely a test to see if communication with the chip works. Now I can
> really start to work on the modesettings.

I think this only should go to the ggi-kgi list.
The very reason we added new lists was so we didn't have to have
everything here. This goes to Jon and Steffen and everyone else too.

Announcing Steffens monthly releases here is good, but other discussions
and announcements concerning only KGI doesn't really belong here.
I'm subscribed to both lists, and I expect everyone else interrested
in KGI is subscribed to ggi-kgi at least.

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