On Sat, Jan 22, 2000 at 09:17:48AM -0500, John Fortin wrote:
> Is anoncvs.us.ggi-project.org down ?? I tried to get to it Friday night
> and Saturday Morning with no success.
> John

Nope, it's very much up and alive.  If you go to, it's
there.  Problem is, the 'root.ns.ggi-project.org' that is in the
soa doesn't exist (the email), and I've additionally notified
others with no success.  If someone could perhaps clue in those
who are responsible that {anoncvs,www,ftp}.us.openbsd.org is now
at this new ip and that updating dns would be a useful thing, that
woud be appreciated!

I know short notice was given to me, but since last Wed I've had no
success contacting people about the dns issue.

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