> To stop the unwanted EMail flow, please follow these instructions :
> To unsubscribe from the GGI mailing list, send a message with the word
> "unsubscribe" in the Subject: field to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> We cannot unsubscribe you except by manual processing through the list admin,
> which might take a while, so please just send the unsubscribe mail.

This same type of attack was just happening on linux-kernel.  But the
people being attacked weren't directly on the list.  Instead someone
built a .forward file with a list of the e-mails that they wanted to
attack and then subscribed to the list with that address.  So the end
receiver couldn't remove themselves even if they tried cause they
weren't really on the list.

If this turns out to be the case with Lim, have him forward the *full*
headers of his mail, so we can find the subscribed address and remove
that one.

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