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> Well people, here's the situation:
> * I have a gnuplot driver that works in X but fails when in console mode.
> * I hacked dvgt, so that now *I CAN SEE DVI FILES WITH GGI*. It works in X,
>   but then again, IT DOESN'T WORK IN THE CONSOLE!!! And that, of course,
>   is what I wanted the dvi viewer for.
> I believe the error comes from the error message (unable to open shared
> library genkgi.o) that is sent to the console and garbles everything. But I
> can't be sure. And I don't have time!

That is not a problem.

> Can any kind soul get the sources for dvgt I hacked and figure out how to
> make things work in the console? Every time I try to use it in the console
> the *computer hangs for good*, while in X it works flawlessly...

Does other GGI applications work on the console?

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