> if directbuffer fill it with memcpy but memcpy does 32 bit stuff. 
> (rep movsl) but directbuffer maybe 16bit limited on old vga hardware
> how to deal with this.

First of all, check the "align" and "noaccess" members. 
If no restrictions are set, go ahead, use memcpy.

> do not have memcpy 16bit. for(...)... is very bad code if you look at the 
> asm.
> how deal with this issue ?

Call higher level primitives. The common cases are erasing the screen or 
drawing scanlines. Especially erasing the screen shouldn't be done by
DB-access, as it is commonly accelerated. Drawing scanlines might be o.k.,
but if they aren't very short, the overhead for calling hline isn't
very high.

CU, ANdy

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