On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 11:43:52PM +0100, Andreas Beck wrote:
> > if directbuffer fill it with memcpy but memcpy does 32 bit stuff. 
> > (rep movsl) but directbuffer maybe 16bit limited on old vga hardware
> > how to deal with this.
> First of all, check the "align" and "noaccess" members. 
> If no restrictions are set, go ahead, use memcpy.
> > do not have memcpy 16bit. for(...)... is very bad code if you look at the 
> > asm.
> > how deal with this issue ?
> Call higher level primitives. The common cases are erasing the screen or 
> drawing scanlines. Especially erasing the screen shouldn't be done by
> DB-access, as it is commonly accelerated. Drawing scanlines might be o.k.,
> but if they aren't very short, the overhead for calling hline isn't
> very high.

sure but i have software rendered buffer. cannot accelerate.
this buffer shall be shown on screen after calculation.
not possible to do hline or other accelerated stuff.

so.. in the end, it might be true, that
a memtarget and then a crossblit are the fastest solution,
and always working.
but ggiPutBox are exactly equal fast.

i'd like to contribute a little bit of GGI documentation.

please view


and please correct me if i am wrong!


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