> I just started thinking about my last post in a different way. Should
> we implement something like sources in ggi, wihch would allow frame
> grabbing, image loading, etc?

Yes, it should be implemented in ggi, just not in LibGGI.

Image loading should ideally be written as two libraries:

One library that does not use LibGGI and does not know about visuals.
It should dynamicly load readers/writers for different image formats,
and read images into/write imaghes from it's own simple structure
(basicly just width, height, format and a pointer to the data). It
should also be able to convert images between different formats.

The second library should be a simple glue-layer between the first
library an LibGGI. The reason to make two libraries that a generic
image loader/writer that is _not_ tied to any graphics/window system
is badly needed, and the first library will be just that.

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