Hello Rene,

Thanks for your work. When I am beginning to learn something, I prefer to have first a practical example where the expected result are shown (by a screnshot in your document) and which can be copy and paste and working from A to Z. Then, after I saw that things works as expected, I am interested to know what I did and start looking on the manuals to understand every step.

So I believe that your article is helpful as a getting started tutorial. The only suggestion I have is that it seems helpful to me if the vhdl files are available for download, as copying and pasting from your pdf could lead to weird code indentation and possible errors (like copying by mistake a page number of the document).

Have a nice sunday,

Le 14. 10. 16 à 21:05, Rene Doss a écrit :

I have written an article how to simulate with GHDL.  This is my effort
to support the GHDL project.
  I have the feeling this document is needed for a beginner to get a
better introduction.

On a pratical example (UAR) I show how a testbench and the VHDL
simulation works.
The Uart is simple to configure for different baudrate and has also an
internal FIFO.

I can found it:

The UART is very practical example for a hardware developer.

I hope you will enjoy to  read this.

René Doß

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