On 27/11/16 22:57, Adrien Prost-Boucle wrote:

I have found a way to compile the VHDL libraries without first installing GHDL 
in the system.
The warnings are still there but it seems to work.
Overall I think what I needed could be enabled with rather generic 
modifications to the ghdl Makefile.
Here are my build steps in hope it's useful.

Thank you for the instructions.

1) Compile gcc with normal make in the gcc build dir
2) Patch the Makefile in the ghdl source directory (see attached patch)
3) Build libraries with that command:

make \
        GHDL="${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl" \
        ANALYZE_OPTS="--GHDL1=${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl1" \
        STD_GHDL_FLAGS="--GHDL1=${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl1" \
        vhdl.libs.all libs.vhdl.standard

4) Built grt: make libgrt.a
5) Install gcc and libraries as described in file BUILD.txt

So I patch the Makefile to be able to manually set the variables ANALYZE_OPTS 
and STD_GHDL_FLAGS from my build script.
And I have to split the original command "make ghdllib" into the steps 3) and 
4) because otherwise the path the GHDL is overwritten.

Are you sure you need to comment out ANALYZE_OPTS and STD_GHDL_FLAGS ?
Usually, Makefile variables set on the command line overrides the definitions.

Maybe I should change the BUILD.txt ?


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