Nope, compilation of libs does not work if there is no ghdl already installed 
in the system!
the culprit is in the ghdl Makefile, line 173:

        $(MAKE) GHDL=$(bindir)/ghdl$(EXEEXT) vhdl.libs.all libs.vhdl.standard

So in my call to "make GHDL=<my-path> ghdllibs", the GHDL= is discarded.
What's needed is that the GHDL variable is kept for that recursive make call.

Otherwise, I have to keep my build stuff split, like that (seems a bit fragile):
make <variables=my-paths> vhdl.libs.all libs.vhdl.standard
make libgrt.a


On Tue, 2016-11-29 at 23:16 +0100, Adrien Prost-Boucle wrote:
> > Are you sure you need to comment out ANALYZE_OPTS and STD_GHDL_FLAGS ?
> > Usually, Makefile variables set on the command line overrides theĀ 
> > definitions.
> I wasn't aware of this subtelty... it seems so wrong to me...
> But anyway, indeed the "instructions" that set these variables inside the 
> Makefile are kind of skipped.
> I'll have to read some docs on that topic.
> So no need to patch the Makefile.
> I did a fast try on an unclean build directory (and with GHDL installed on my 
> machine...) and it seems this command works fine:
> make \
>       GHDL="${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl" \
>       ANALYZE_OPTS="--GHDL1=${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl1" \
>       STD_GHDL_FLAGS="--GHDL1=${srcdir}/gcc-build/gcc/ghdl1" \
>       ghdllib
> So no need to split build of libraries and of runtime...
> I'll rebuild with no ghdl installed and with clean build directory, but 
> tomorrow I think.
> Regards,
> Adrien
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