Hello Roberto,

I find it strange that your gnat names himself "GNAT GPL 2016" instead of gnat 
6.3.0 or any other GCC like version number.

What is your system's name? Is GNAT standalone in your system or a part of GCC?

Kind regards

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Betreff: [Ghdl-discuss] problem GNAT while compiling the libraries
Von: Roberto Hexsel
An: ghdl-discuss@gna.org


I am trying to build ghdl from sources, and following the instructions to the 

When compiling the VHDL libraries, the error is (Unix comands in bold)

make clean
  lots of files removed

make ghdllib
make GHDL=/usr/local/bin/ghdl vhdl.libs.all libs.vhdl.standard
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/roberto/ghdl-master'
if [ -d ./.git ]; then \
          desc=`cd .; git describe --dirty`; \
          sed -e "s/[(].*[)]/($desc)/" < src/version.in<http://version.in> > 
version.tmp; \
        else \
          cp src/version.in<http://version.in> version.tmp; \
if [ ! -r version.ads ] || ! cmp version.tmp version.ads > /dev/null; then cp 
version.tmp version.ads; fi
gnatmake -aI./src -aI./src/vhdl -aI./src/psl -aI./src/vhdl/translate 
-aI./src/ghdldrv \
         -gnaty3befhkmr -gnatwae -aO. -gnatf -gnat05 -g -gnata ghdl_gcc -bargs 
-E -largs
gcc -c -I./ -I./src -I./src/vhdl -I./src/psl -I./src/vhdl/translate 
-I./src/ghdldrv -gnaty3befhkmr -gnatwae -gnatf -gnat05 -g -gnata -I- 
gcc: error: /home/roberto/ghdl-master/src/ghdldrv/ghdl_gcc.adb: Ada compiler 
not installed on this system
gnatmake: "/home/roberto/ghdl-master/src/ghdldrv/ghdl_gcc.adb" compilation error
make[1]: *** [ghdl_gcc] Error 4
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/roberto/ghdl-master'
make: *** [libs.vhdl.gcc] Error 2

in an attempt to find the Ada compiler:

which gnat

 /usr/local/bin/gnat --version
GNAT GPL 2016 (20160515-49)
Copyright (C) 1996-2016, Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR 

apparently, the GNAT compiler is there and is an executable.

Is the path to GNAT hardwired anywhere in the code, or in the Makefiles?

I looked into these and did not find anything wrong.

thanks in advance,

Roberto Hexsel   rhex...@gmail.com<mailto:rhex...@gmail.com>   
"facts can speak for themselves with overwhelming precision"  J.Conrad
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